This 2-3" lift kit with adjustable shocks brings the ability to fine tune your ride control at an incredible price. The 9 stages of adjustment mean you can control the firmness of your shocks easily, and adapt to the conditions as required. Choose a firmer ride for your highway travels, and then dial them down when it’s time to get down to business.


In reality, very few vehicles serve only one purpose. Most 4WD’s today are the family car, off road toy, overland vehicle, or towing rig. We demand so much of our vehicles, and every situation will need something just a little bit different. As well as being fully adjustable, these shocks are equipped with our Foam Cell technology, minimising aeration and cavitation to maximise the shocks ability to resist fade, and perform reliably in harsh and demanding conditions.


These adjustable shocks are built tough for the outback, and incorporate an ABS plastic dust shield as well as an external dust wiper seal to protect the shock’s internals from grit which can damage the oil seals around the chrome rod. When fully extended, the shock is at its most vulnerable to damage from side load. The internal bump stop and piston rod guide ensure the shock is supported at the extremes of its travel. 


  • 40mm internal bore
  • 60mm external casing
  • 18mm chrome-plated rod
  • High temperature, all weather oil
  • Foam cell
  • 9 Stage external adjustment
  • Additional welding on all studs and eye rings

*You will see 2-3" with the coil conversions. Final lift height is highly dependent on previous suspensions condition and vehicle accessories.

6-8 Weeks; Imported from Australia

Sherpa Offroad Equipment Approved 

GX470 Lift Kit - Big Bore w/ 9-Way Adjustable Valving

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